About AUDA

The Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association (AUDA) was founded in 1983 as a registered non-profit society comprised of an elected administrative board of directors. Membership is province-wide and open to Alberta Ukrainian dance groups and individuals interested in furthering the aims and objectives of AUDA.

We are committed to “relevance to the membership we serve” through the following:

  • AUDA is committed to being responsive to changing expressions of Ukrainian dance and dance training, to changing needs of the dance community we serve, and to taking the lead in recognizing cultural inclusion influenced by the social and demographic richness of Alberta today.
  • AUDA is committed to informed planning and decision-making by understanding the aesthetics, ecology, and economic impact of Ukrainian dance in Alberta based upon field evidence and research in other dance forms.
  • AUDA is committed to encouraging our members to promote active and healthy life styles, to foster active citizenship and community participation, and to engage youth from all heritage backgrounds to experience the social satisfaction of Ukrainian dancing.
  • AUDA’s financial resources are wholly directed outward to the dance community we serve providing incentives through scholarships, training and mentorship support funding, workshop funding, best-practices forums, and partnership undertakings for the promotion of Ukrainian dance in our communities.
  • AUDA is committed to encouraging our members to embrace the impact of digital technology in art today and to harness the connectivity of digital technology in engaging new audiences for Ukrainian dance.