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AUDA Dance Instructor Development Training Initiative

AUDA is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to support dance instructor development training by providing 10 community development incentives annually, up to a maximum amount of $1,500 each, to our member Ukrainian Dance Schools and Dance Groups in Alberta.  This initiative has been extended until August 31, 2020.

AUDA will contract with member Ukrainian dance schools and groups to determine how the Dance Instructor Development Initiative fits best for their community of interest.  Member organizations can choose to apply in one of 3 categories:

  • Advanced Career Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Instructor Mentored by an Advanced Career Instructor

The deadline for applications is February 15 and October 15 annually.  See the following Initiative Information Sheet.

AUDA Instructor Development Information Sheet

AUDA Community Ukrainian Dance Workshop Program

The Ukrainian Dance Workshop Program is intended to foster and support locally produced dance workshops within your community, and allow AUDA to continue to access funding to serve the Ukrainian Dance community.

AUDA is offering an honorarium of $1000 in return for your organization to organize and host a workshop anytime before November 30.

The deadline for applications is February 15 and October 15 annually.
See the following Initiative Information Sheet.

AUDA Workshop Program Information Sheet

AUDA Promotional Activities to Increase Participation and Awareness of Ukrainian Dance in Alberta – Celebrating 125 Years of Ukrainian Immigration

In Celebration of 125 Years of Ukrainian Immigration, AUDA will provide member organizations $125 for each community performance as part of the group’s activities to increase awareness and participation in Ukrainian dance in Alberta.

This undertaking started in September 2015 and over 2 years has supported 260 performances to an audience of over 116,000 people.

The submissions for reimbursement are due February 28 and August 31.
See the following Initiative Information Sheet and Reimbursement Form.

AUDA Promotional Activities Information Sheet
AUDA Promotional Activities – Reimbursement Form

Year TWO: AUDA Music Resources Initiative – Celebrating 125 Years of Ukrainian Immigration

In recognition of 125 years of Ukrainian heritage music in Canada, AUDA is undertaking the production of 125 minutes of newly recorded Ukrainian heritage folk dance music as resource materials for Ukrainian dance schools. Our goal is to have 50% of the music composed, arranged and recorded in Ukraine and 50% of the music composed, arranged and recorded in Canada. Music from this Initiative will be posted on AUDA’s website for free download. At the end of year one of this Initiative AUDA and our members have completed 54 minutes of new music.

AUDA recognizes the contribution of composers, arrangers, music production, and musicians to the development of Ukrainian heritage folk dance. The best symbiosis of music and dance seamlessly stirs our emotions, our imaginations, and our sense of cultural pride. Whether it is a year-end Ukrainian dance school recital or a full-length dance concert work audience members are tapping their feet or clapping their hands as they engage in the enjoyment of music and dance.

AUDA member applications for this Initiative will be juried on a first-come first-serve basis until the budget for this initiative is appropriated.

See the following Initiative Information Sheet.

AUDA Music Resources Initiative Information Sheet

AUDA Summer Dance Camp Scholarships

AUDA recognizes that Ukrainian Dance Summer Camps across Alberta are designed to develop individual dance skills in a positive team environment. AUDA is supportive of our membership engaging in these goals for the benefit of our collective dance community.

AUDA has committed to providing 10 individual scholarships annually of up to $500 each for youth to attend dance camps during the summer. AUDA selects 2 successful candidates from applicants from each of the five major geographical areas in Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary, North, Central, and South).

Applicants are not restricted to Summer Camps in their geographical area but are restricted to applying for Summer Camps held in Alberta.  If there are insufficient applications from any of the five geographical areas at the application deadline, applications will be accepted for assessment throughout the summer on a first-come basis until geographical allocations are filled.

Applications will be juried by a panel of AUDA Board members and AUDA general member.

The deadline for applications is May 1.  See the following Application Form.

AUDA Summer Camp Scholarship Application Form